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Tiny Boxes: Lincoln Theatre–Raleigh Music Photography


Band:  Tiny Boxes
Location: Lincoln Theatre
City: Raleigh, NC
Guitar/Vocals: Bon Lozaga
Bass: Leo Kishore
Guitar/Violin/Vocals: Matt Williams
Drums: Kyle Poehling

You can find jewels even when you are not specifically looking for them.  This was the case for me at the recent Living Colour show at Raleigh’s Lincoln Theatre
I always make a point to get to the venues early and check out the opening acts for the heading act.
Other than briefly checking out their website before heading to the show,  I really did not know what to expect from Tiny Boxes.   I was very pleasantly surprised.

So how do I describe their music?
Well.. that is a hard question for me to answer because I heard multiple influences such as jazz fusion, funk, and prog rock in their music. 
I do not want to pigeon hole these guys into a specific genre because they have the right blend of various styles for all music lovers.
Before I forget, they even played a Frank Zappa tune!   Very cool!

If you asked me for words  to describe the Tiny Boxes band,  I would say infectious, groove- based , entertaining,  talented, seasoned, unique, and worth checking them out on their  2013 Summer Tour.
For Raleigh people like me , they will be at the Deep South Bar on August 25, 2013.



Bon Lozaga  knows the way around his Warwick/Framus guitar!  He is a great guy too! I really enjoyed talking to him after the set.



The multi-talented and versatile Matthew Williams.


Rock solid Kyle Poehling on the drums.


Leo Kishore (far right) is solid groove oriented bass player.  You may know by now, I am bass player so  I have to focus a little attention on fellow bass players especially good ones like Leo.




You could be in the crowd watching this band at the next show near your town.  It is up to you!


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