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What’s Your Favorite Color Baby? Living Colour Live at Raleigh’s Lincoln Theatre


Band: Living Colour (Web Site) | (Facebook Page)
Venue: Lincoln Theatre
City: Raleigh, NC
Date: July 18, 2013
Vocals:  Corey Glover
Guitarist: Vernon Reid
Bass Guitar: Doug Wimbish
Drums: Will Calhoun

Recently,  I headed to Lincoln Theatre to experience a blast from my past.  Living Colour made a stop in Raleigh during the 25th anniversary Vivid tour.   The year after  I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill, the ground-breaking debut Vivid Album hit the scene powered by the popularity of the  “Cult of Personality” song.   After purchasing this album, it was very clear that this band was not just a one trick pony.   The Vivid album was and is much deeper than just the “Cult of personality” song.   Although there is not a weak song on the album,  my personal favorites are “Open Letter(To the Landlord)” ,  “Funny Vibe”,  and “Memories Can’t Wait.”

Living Colour defines musicianship infused with jazz, rock, funk and soul.  Each member is iconic in their own right and collectively form an iconic band.  I still remember seeing Vernon Reid in the various guitar magazines that I used to learn mainly  bass and some guitar in the 80s and 90s.  Many of the 80s bands that continue to tour now do it without all the original members,  sometimes without the key members.  In contrast, Living Colour has made only one substitution at bass where Doug Wimbish replaced  Vivid and  Time’s Up Muzz Skillings in 1992. Doug was monster bassist  in Sugar Hill days and continues to be one today.

Does Living Colour still have it ?  Oh… yes they do.  They did not miss a beat!  This show was one of the best shows that I have seen in a long time.

Can Corey Clover still belt it out with soul and feeling ?  Yes, sir. Yes ma’am. Yes, Lord!


Is Vernon Reid still the master of the metal grooves?  Oh Yes!


Can Will Calhoun still mesmerize the beat ?  Si Senor!


Can Doug Wimbish hold the bottom end?   In the spirit of the “Talking heads” same as it ever was… Heck yes!


The masters of the hard rock groove …




.. with some humor, feeling and audience participation!


Maybe a little dancing Corey style!



Can you feel the groove?


Can you hit that note?


Do I need to say more?




I love this sequence that I caught at the end of the show.  The interplay between Corey and Vernon demonstrates their friendship, sense of humor, …




and a little butt kicking!


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