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About Steve Jackle Rocks

North Carolina music, event and lifestyle photographer Steve Jackle.Welcome to the live music and band photography web site of Raleigh based event and portrait photographer Steve Jackle.

“Music has been an important part of my life since my teenage years in the 1970s.   Imagine a room covered with cutout images and posters of KISS and Rush band members from various rock magazines and you would be given a glimpse into my world at that time.  I remember heading off the local Baskin and Robbins ice cream shop to gather empty ice cream tubs from their dumpsters to make drums for the air guitar and air band sessions with my friends while we listening to the Kiss Alive album.  We had the best “air band” show in town! Truly, legends in our own minds!

After listening to albums like Rush’s “2112” and “Hemispheres” albums,  Stanley Clarke “I Want To Play for You”, Van Halen I, Black Sabbath “We sold Our Soul for Rock n’ Roll”,  and any Led Zeppelin album,  I knew that learning an instrument was my destiny.  I started to learn to play bass guitar.  Though rooted in classic and hard rock, my musical interest expanded to almost anything that showed musical talent.

In the early 80s,  I worked as Disk Jockey(DJ) at a rock ‘n roll night club called “My Club” in Rocky Mount, NC.   On Wednesday nights,  we had the “Night of the Jackle” rock n’ roll DJ show.  This club featured some of the best names in NC and southeast hard rock/metal club bands like Sidewinder, Nantucket, PKM, Cirkus, Avalanche, Night Watch, and Pegasus Roxx.  In my mind, what was cool about these bands is that they combined image/theatrics  and music together to bring the audience a live show to remember.  Some of my fondness memories were hanging out with the band members after the shows and my music trivia contests that I held during my DJ show.

In the late 80s and early 90s, I was fully immersed in the Chapel Hill music scene.  If there was live music somewhere,  I was usually there to support the band.  I treasure the relationships I built with the band members and still have some of them today.  I played bass and helped promote two bands “Jesse’s Zoo” and “Naked Café” as well as booked all the bands for a small bar off the beaten path called “The Pub.”

This web site is my contribution to support live music and all of the musicians working hard at their dreams through images.  Hopefully, it will inspire people to turn off their computers and head to a show. “

Also, if you are interested in my photographic services for capturing your live shows and/or producing other band/musician promotional materials, please feel free to contact me for more details.

— Steve Jackle
steve[at symbol]stevejacklerocks.com
(919) 673 –1096