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Jesse Bolt: A Benefit for Max Hill at the Lincoln



This show was about raising some funds for the family of  their fallen brother Roy Max Hill to help cover some medical bills. It was also about a reunion between the fans both (old and new) and the famous Jesse Bolt show. 
Before the show, my friend lead singer Stacey Winn in the DriVer band said that this was the band that “set the bar for a rock show” for the all the NC club bands that started to arise in the late 70s and early 80s. 
Jesse bolt was formed in 1974  and played the eastern seaboard club circuit until 1981.  After a short break, they reunited in 1987.
Though originally, the band started as “Bolt”, later they changed the name to “Jesse Bolt” to embody a tough name similar to the famous gunslinger Jesse James. 
They are now celebrating 40 years as band that every rock fan needs to go out and experience.

The current line-up:
Scott Board – vocals
Don Stacy – lead guitar, backing vocals
Randy Bumgarner-Guyeska – lead guitar
Keith Stacy – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Craig Hatley – bass, backing vocals
Neal Dennis – drums

This show was in a sense a dream come true for drummer Neal Dennis.  He has been a long time fan of the band and their drummer Roy Max Hill. 
This was his first gig filling the shoes of one of his musical idols with the added pressure of performing for the support of the Hill family.
Neal did not miss a beat all night and played like he was a fixture in the band for many years. I am sure that Max Hill is looking down with pride.


This show was not just about the Hill family but about the Jesse Bolt family in general. The power of music can promote people and family of all ages coming together in support of each other for entertainment, memories, and camaraderie.
These are all things that you cannot fully experience sitting behind a computer watching a YouTube video or listening to a record with headphones or speakers.
You need to get out to a show to experience the love and excitement in the room.


This proves you are never too old to rock!

Joey, Samantha and Randy have a humorous moment.

I am sure this was not easy for Max’s daughter but it is good to see that she can have laugh with the guitarist and stage manager at the show.

Max Hill kids being introduced

Max’ kids show their gratitude for the all support by the band and the fans.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the show.











Craig Hatley on bass.





Jesse Bolt Band live at Lincoln Theatre





The complete set of images can found in the Jesse Bolt web gallery on my web site.

One thought on “Jesse Bolt: A Benefit for Max Hill at the Lincoln

  1. Bill Fumai says:

    Tell Don Stacy that Billy from Maryland said hey. It’s been 40 years. Wow.

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