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Apprehended Ones: Christian Ministry Rock Band at Capital City Bike Fest 2012


As I mentioned on my previous post,  I headed to the Capital City Bike Fest to see my friend Stacey Winn sing in the Shoot To Thrill band.  I decided to arrive there a little early for a couple of reasons: 1) Take some shots of the band opening for the band so I  have my camera settings in the right ball park for the Shoot To Thrill show 2) Catch some of the Apprehended Ones because I knew that Jackyl ex-guitarist Jimmy Stiff had formed the band.

When I was in college in the early 80s, I worked a summer job at a mainly rock club called “My Club” in Rocky Mount, NC.  My main job was the DJ on Wednesday night with my “Night Of the Jackle” DJ rock show.  The club had all the well known southeast 80s club bands(Sidewinder, PKM, Brice Street, Nantucket, Night Watch etc.) on the weekends.  I would play music from the booth in-between the sets and assist at the door on the band nights.  I met and hung out with a lot of band members during those years and had a blast.

One of my favorite bands that came through the club was Pegasus Roxx. They were great guys and a great band!  The first time they came through the club they were booked for both Friday and Saturday night.  While hanging out with them after the Friday show,  I mentioned  I was a bass player and really liked Rush. So the next day during the afternoon sound check, the band learned a couple of Rush tunes to perform that night and the bass player allowed me to play his Steinberger bass. He had the same one that Geddy Lee was using at the time.  The band featured both guitarist John Hayes(later with Mother’s Finest) and lead singer Jesse James Dupree.

During the school year, whenever they came close to Chapel Hill, they would put me on their guest list and I would hang and party with them after the show. I also remembered how Jesse would consistently bring up that I had the coolest last name.  A few years later he formed “Jackyl.”  This may be entirely a coincidence but interesting none the less!  In an attempt to make a long story short(which is hard for me as you can tell) , I always have had interest in the  “where are they now” aspect of the Pegasus Roxx band members and whether I had any impact on the name of the Jackyl band.

The Apprehended Ones is Christian Ministry Rock band.  They feature the energetic and dynamic  lead singer Jewel Renee Stiff (Jimmy Stiff’s wife) with a hard rock sound and a positive message.  Here is some of my favorite shots of band from the evening. Hope you enjoy them!








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